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Inspectlah allows you to capture your inspections with a mobile app that automatically builds a powerful database and generate custom reports. It provides a powerful insight to the entire organisation.


Inspectlah allows you to schedule an inspection at a later date. The administrator can assign a date and time for an inspection to be carried out by the inspectors.

Works Offline

The mobile apps do not require internet connection to carry out inspections. Inspectors can capture data on the iPad offine and sync with the central database at a later time.

Introducing Inspectlah

Inspectlah simplifies and reduces error in your entire mobile inspection or audit process thus saving time and money to your entire work-flow.

Our mobile app (for the iPad), coupled with our easy to use web administration control and planning tool, you can immediately transform your entire work flow and see real impact and benefits to your business. You essentially take out any processes you do manually and eliminate all paper form tasks.

You can easily create your own templates, develop work orders, assign and track inspection jobs, and generate reports and analytics. Inspection records can be captured on the iPad offline and can be sync with the administrator whenever there is internet access. By accessing the control panel on the desktop, you gain complete visibility and status over your organization by analyzing real-time data and reports, and thus allowing you to make quality informed business decisions. Most important you can manage your entire organisation's projects and scheduling increasing productivity and saves you time and money.

With Inspectlah you need a single user effort to Capture and Generate an Inspection Report. Saving high on cost.

Who can use

Inspectlah is used for many various industries that requires the need to use a form or template to capture data. Its easy and saves time. You can export out your reports at any time.

All Industries

Why use Inspectlah?

Beside the great benefits of increasing productivity and saving time and money for your business, Inspectlah provides

A low cost subscription base model

Eliminate the need to develop own software and maintenance

Easy implementation with no setup and easy to get started

Private and secured cloud based database with 24/7 accessibility

Continuously upgrades and enhancement for free

Online technical support (let us worry about the IT and you focus on your core business)

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How to get started

4 simple steps to start transforming your workflow




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